Our Publishing Services   

TDP takes your manuscript from completion, through the editing process, through publication, and markets your book through the Twilight Dynasty Store to the world! Our professional and competent staff will provide you with the services necessary in order to bring your literary project to fruition.

Our Services include:   

- Editing your manuscript;
- Publishing your manuscript;
- Marketing your book in the most popular formats.

The process is simple:

You would submit your manuscript for our consideration and advice. There will be an upfront charge of US$8.00 per manuscript. You will pay this by purchasing a copy of "Twilight Dynasty Publishing Submission Guidelines" from our store. Once you have done so, send your proposal as detailed therein along with your Order Number to the address set out therein. We will perform an initial review of your submitted manuscript or proposal:

1. We will read your manuscript and advise as to whether or not we are interested in publishing it;

2. We will critique the manuscript in any event, and advise you as to suggested changes that will improve the manuscript as well as various markets that might be interested in your project, if we are not;

3. We will provide other suggestions that we feel are appropriate under the circumstances.

Once we receive your manuscript and payment, we will provide our decision on publishing, together with any charges in this regard, as well as our critique as soon as our workload permits. Our nominal US$8.00 fee will be considered fully earned upon the delivery of our submission guidelines, and shall not be contingent upon our review of your proposal/manuscript or upon our reply. So, the question that you have to ask yourself is: "Is my manuscript good enough to incur an $8.00 review fee?" If not, we suggest that you re-write, edit and polish it, until it is worthy of consideration by a publishing company, whether it be TDP or another company.

Further information on the contractual terms and the publishing process will be supplied following payment of your review fee and receipt of your manuscript.

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