About The Company   

Twilight Dynasty Inc. has been in the publishing business for many years, starting with the acquisition of the publishing rights to Barry H. Smith's "Twilight Dynasty: Courting Evil", a supernatural thriller, which was initially published by a print publisher, but later converted to an ebook. Taking our name from this first book to be featured on our site, we're actively seeking the best in fiction to offer to the patrons of Twilight Dynasty Publishing!

Our head office is located in Canada, but we shall be publishing authors, and distributing their work, on nearly every continent of the globe.

Twilight Dynasty Publications is dedicated to the production of quality ebooks for discerning members of the public. Although our production facilities will continue to grow over the years, we will always strive to maintain the personal touch that has become the hallmark of our business.

You can contact us at:
86 Silversted Drive
Toronto, Ontario
M1S 3G5, Canada
(647) 284-1250

or use the 'Contact Us' link at the top of the page to send us an email.


Twilight Dynasty Publishing, A Division of Twilight Dynasty Inc.